My painting is an expression of experience in motion. It reflects a sense of movement, change, and transformation.  I start out with a plan, but through the process something new always emerges.  As I work on a painting, my relationship to it changes and evolves. Often, I see glimpses of dreams, hopes, or fears that were hidden from me until they showed up on the canvas.

I have a passion for discovery and I’m hungry for experience.  When travelling, I can’t wait to get out among the people. I love discovering the soul of every new place I go—all the little local treasures that make each place unique. I love the mystery of it all, and the surprise. As my art has moved more and more toward abstraction, I see that this move, too, reflects my love of adventure. A new painting is like a new place I’m discovering even as I create it.

When I’m asked about what influences my work, I just say “everything.” All the encounters and experiences that have shaped me are available for expression, and they come out in whatever way makes sense in the moment.